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Reviews on The Forgotten Ones

"Best album I have listened to for a long time. Talented musicians, meaningful lyrics, powerful voice. Every single song is a delight."

"Such an unusual, amazing, talent nowadays, truly gifted."

"His passion is beautiful to see. He manages to surprise us with every single song"

"Don't you ever stop your music Jonathan, we need it, and can't wait for the second one."

"High quality musicianship with excellent and well thought out arrangements, this album could be a musical renaissance."

"An originally unique album, the spirit and soul of Sting's Ten Summoner's Tales."

"Genuinely talented artist, his music is art for the soul."

"For an American, you capture the heart and soul of The UK."

"Can you say Phil Collins, without the Phil Collins?'

"Please stick around the Music Industry is lost, can you guide them back to what real music is and what real people want?"

"You should be a millionaire with an album as good as this, I can't believe what I am hearing, it just never lets up ..amazing songs mind blown."

"Move over Sting, Jonathan is his name 5 Stars."

"Just when you thought the days of real musicianship was over, along comes The Forgotten Ones, by Jonathan Bradford. It reminds me of an era when artists could actually sing and play, instead of being auto tuned to death. Bradford, has a unique style and voice, which makes me listen to his album over and over again."

"Where have you been?" "We need you in this bland marketplace. Just incredible, a new voice in this contrived industry, he is an original, buy this album."

"Jonathan Bradford's The Forgotten Ones is a sophisticated union of songwriting, intellectual depth, and poetry. The Forgotten Ones challenges illusion in music, contemporary culture, and political systems. Jonathan Bradford's record calls out the facades and urges authenticity in the world in which we live."

"Is really an amazing album, love every song and am really enjoying it."


Jonathan's The Forgotten Ones, peaked at #19 on the music charts and was ranked on Amazon's new release chart at #38. This is truly an artist not to be missed one critic said, it reminded him of Sting's Ten Summoner's Tales and still others saying Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, XTC, and many more. This truly is an artist not to be missed.

Judge for yourself: The Shop Is Open.

Does Music Matter?

In a world, where music has become so expendable and auto tuning is the fashion of the day. Jonathan Bradford is a breath of fresh air. 2.5 years in the making and 12 carefully crafted songs later, thus "The Forgotten Ones" was born. A truly eclectic album from start to finish where one is transported back to a time when music mattered, when songwriters really knew the craft, and people could really sing. This is what you have been waiting for.

True art is still being made.

If you like intellectual music, that is thought provoking and leaves you wanting more this is it.

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